Pointing up the replaced setts
in the Middle Reach of the Burn

Replacing damage Stepping stones
at the East end of the Dene Top

Cutting back the overgrowth along the Southern Footpath

July  Photos

At work clearing the overgrowth from the steps at the East end of the dene

Work completed on the steps at the West end of the dene

Wild Flowers that have really grown well this year and can be seen in both the upper and lower Dene.

                              Tufted Vetch - above                                                                                      Meadow Vetchling - above
Mainly in the Lower Dene
                            Corn Marigold - above                                                                                 Common Hemp Nettle - above

Pond Dipping in the

Middle Section of the

Brierdene Burn

All species collected

were returned to the burn alive


Some of the species found during the pond (burn) dipping

Above left Minnow and a Diving Beetle   Top right  Freshwater Shrimp  Bottom Right Ramshorn Snail


                             Musk Mellow - below                                                                                      Meadowsweet - below
Wild Flowers in part of the the Upper Dene Meadow at the end of the Month.