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If we run out of new species we will use this page to display information on some of the species found in the Dene.

Total Number of Recorded Species in the Brierdene  31/08/2021

 Groups  Number
  Bats    3
  Bugs & Beatles    55
    Bumblebees - Bees - Solitary Bees    17
Butterflies    21
   Centipedes & Millipedes
Crustaceans    5
   Dragonflies    6
Fish and Amphibians    20
  Flies    63
  Fungi    46
Harvestman    2
  Ladybirds    9
Mammals    12
  Molluscs    10
Lichen, Liverworts Mosses and Slime
  Moths & Miners   171
  Plants, Bushes & Trees    332
  Reptiles     1
  Wasps    14
 Worms    11

         Knopper Oak Gall Wasp  Andricus quercuscalicis


The knopper gall wasp, Andricus quercuscalicis, is a tiny wasp that produces ridged outgrowths, or 'galls', on the acorns of our native Pedunculate Oak; forming in August they are sticky and red, later becoming woody and brown.

The gall is seen more often than the adult wasp.

Knopper Galls develop as a chemically induced distortion of growing acorns on Pendunculate Oak trees, caused by cynipid gall wasp Andricus quercuscalicis which lays eggs within buds using the ovipositor.

A recent introduction to the British Isles, first arriving in the 1960s and now found throughout England, Wales and as far north as Scotland.

Photo left from the Internet

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